Max Scott – Actor


Former “Melrose Place” actor Max Scott swung in last week. After taking a 15 year break from the business to start a family, he’s back. Relocating to the east coast from Los Angeles, he called me initially and asked if I could provide him LA caliber head shots. I told him that even though he’s putting the pressure on, people just like him always ask who the best headshot photographer in Philadelphia is. I also told him that not only do I think I offer the strongest headshots in Philly for actors like himself, but I felt confident that I could put my headshots up against the best in the entire country. Needless to say after we finished up our hour long shoot together, I showed him his shots and he was kind enough to share that he thought the photos we did were not only better than the head shots he had done in LA, but were the best he had ever seen of himself. Great guy, great shots, great shoot. I love my job.