Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never had professional photos done before, what can I expect?

First off, you can expect a very smooth process from start to finish. If you have specific questions or concerns, we can always discuss that when you contact me. Generally, most people have anxiety about getting their photo taken 100-300 times in one day, and that’s understandable. However, within moments of shooting, that feeling will evaporate. You will get my undivided attention, plenty of direction, and total satisfaction when we are through. The most important thing to remember is that you are dealing with a pro, and I’ve shot hundreds if not thousands of people. We will get the shot you want.

How do I schedule a shoot?

The easiest way is to call, but you can also send an email through my contact form. To expedite the process, have an idea what day you’d like to shoot, and a deposit of $25 by credit or debit card will hold your appointment time.

What is your re-scheduling/cancellation policy?

If you cancel or reschedule your shoot with more than 24 hours notice from the time of our appointment, you will lose your initial deposit. If you cancel or reschedule your shoot with less than 24 hours notice from the time of our appointment, you will lose your initial deposit and be required to pay an additional 50% of the cost of your photoshoot should you reschedule. In both scenarios listed previously, you will be required to put down a second deposit to reschedule.

Is there a travel fee for on-location, multi-employee corporate shoots?

We require a minimum of ten employees to travel to your office for employee headshots, and we will not charge for travel. If we arrive and that number drops below ten people for whatever reason, we will then charge a $300 fee.

What times are you typically open?

I am by appointment only. Generally, I like to start shooting by 10am and finish shooting for the day around 3pm. However, I will accommodate for custom packages on an individual basis.

What happens when I receive my photo shoot files after the photo shoot?

You will receive one re-touched photo per outfit at no additional cost. Should you require any additional re-touching, it’s $20 per photo.

What does your photo retouching consist of?

As a courtesy we will adjust contrast, vibrancy, teeth whitening, blemish removal, and fly away hairs. Anything additional is not included and we may or may not be able to handle extra requests. We would be happy to recommend a digital retouching company if you want high level enhancement of your photo/s that we cannot achieve ourselves.

What’s the difference between the Headshot Package and the Portfolio Package?

The Headshot Package is an hour long session usually consisting of three outfits. Typically, most actors choose this package as it allows enough time for them update their current shots. The Portfolio Package is a two hour long session usually consisting of five outfits with time allotted for different hair and make-up styles. Typically, most aspiring models choose this package because agencies will expect a full range of outfits to market you properly.

Prior to our scheduled photo shoot, what should I plan on doing?

The best way to prepare for your shoot is simple. Decide on what outfits you are going to be bringing, then have them washed, pressed, and on hangers. This includes bringing the appropriate footwear, accessories, and grooming tools. Get a good night’s sleep and drink plenty of water, also avoid as much salty foods as possible. You’ll feel better, and your skin will thank you. Finally, have your hair and make up done the way you like it upon arrival, just make sure its applied evenly. Avoid tops with patterns, solid colors work best.

How quickly will I receive my photos after the shoot?

We strive for same day turnaround.

Are you able to add custom color backgrounds to the photos in post production?

Yes. While we don’t normally recommend this, we have found that a lot of individuals and businesses want a certain color other than white as their backdrop during studio shoots. We can do this and it is included in the cost of your shoot as part of the complementary re-touching (one per photo), so there is not an extra fee.

What forms of payment do you accept and when do I pay you?

Payment must be made in full, minus your deposit, the day of the shoot. I accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

What do I do after I have downloaded my shoot?

Download your entire photo shoot, and after you have picked out your favorite photo or file, email us directly. DO NOT REPLY TO THE INITIAL DROPBOX EMAIL. Depending on what you’re using the photos for, this question can be answered a few different ways. If you need hard copies of the photos, contacting a professional printer will most likely be your next step. However, if you plan on using the photos digitally only, you can start uploading them immediately to your liking. If the files are too large, a quick visit to will enable you to make the files smaller.

What if I don’t like my photos?

Although this rarely happens, sometimes clients don’t like the outfit they brought, or the way their hair was styled prior to arriving. No worries, if for whatever reason you need to reshoot in the same outfit its only half the price of your first shoot.

What is your refund policy?

We will offer a full refund if the digital files are corrupt, or if there is some sort of defect with the files themselves. We will not, however, offer a refund because of issues with the composition of the photo, or the way you feel you are portrayed. The style and artistic aspects of our work can be found in our various photo galleries, and that is the type of output you can expect. When hiring us, the vibe of our portfolio is what you can generally expect to receive.

Do you have additional questions? No problem. Please contact us and we’ll be glad to answer any other inquires you have.