Justine Jackson


Justine Jackson gave me a buzz a few days ago and set up a shoot that ended up being totally awesome. Why you ask? This twenty-something aspiring actress was getting into the game and needed the best photos her budget could afford. She could’ve taken the train up to NYC and spent about $1000 after it was all said and done.

Getting to NYC from Philly for photos…yea good luck. Thankfully for Justine, she decided to shoot with a headshot photographer in Philadelphia at about 35%-40% less of the cost, me. Was she happy she decided to do that? Of course, wouldn’t you? Her shoot was amazing, and with the money she saved she can afford to reshoot with me for the next 10 years when she needs an update. When you need the best head shots in Philadelphia, you call me, period! Well done Justine, see you next year, love your photos.