How to Prepare for your Photo Shoot

This post is courtesy of our amazing makeup artist Nicolette, who you may see frequently on QVC as an on-air host, and who is an amazing makeup artist and stylist to boot. She knows the ins and outs of preparing yourself, your hair, and your skin for the upcoming shoot.

We like to ensure the time allotted for beauty prepping is used effectively for the absolute best results. I encourage you to pay attention to the following for a successful photo shoot:


  1. Be hydrated. Drink a lot of water. Your skin will look better and respond better to makeup and beauty products when it is hydrated.
  1. Continue to use moisturizer and eye cream, but do not use any products with Retinol or with de-flaking agents on your skin for a couple days before your shoot.
  1. Do not wax the day or morning of your shoot.
  1. Feel free to bring your own favorite products and makeup. If you like a particular lip color or foundation, then definitely bring it.
  1. Be specific about the look you want, but also be realistic.


  1. Come with clean hair.
  1. Come with your hair basically styled as you normally wear it. In other words, try to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed or hopped out of the shower. If possible, pop in some hot rollers before you arrive for volume and curl. You can also add some light curls to your hair at home to smooth it out before your shoot. You will be at the studio for at least two hours, and during that time, your hair will be styled in different ways. It is important to have a good base upon which to begin!!!
  1. Do not flat iron your hair before your photo shoot.
  1. Feel free to bring your own hair products and tools.

Have Fun and Thanks!


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