Main Line Models and Talent sent me 16 year old Clayton to shoot his modeling portfolio. Here's one of the shots from our shoot.


Jeff traveled down from NYC to update his headshots. Now I shot Jeff about 2 years ago, and his shots were awesome. They were even better this time around, which is exactly what he needed.

Mommy and Me

Sorry for the long delay in blogging but we've been REALLY busy. We got contacted by the owners of "Mommy and Me", a store in King of Prussia mall. The asked if we could shoot their entire [...]

Richard Nicholas Salon

I get my haircut at the Richard Nicholas salon on Sansom Street.  I did a shoot for them not too long ago with vintage bikes and cars and people dressed like mods and rockers. Last week I went [...]

Achieving Depth of Field

A question that I get asked all the time is "How do you make peoples eyes look so sharp in your head shots?" This can be answered in a few different ways, but everything relates to what's called [...]

Rapper SweenS

I got a phone call from Rhode Island native, rapper "SweenS" camp about a month ago. Discovered by Eminem, and on tour with rapper Wale right now, we did a shoot at his spot in Philly.

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